Pumpkin picking.. a new tradition πŸŽƒ

This week we set a new Oakley family tradition and went pumpkin picking.


Maxeys farm is such a wonderful place, full to the brim with bright beautiful pumpkins πŸŽƒ


We collected four pumpkins, one large, one medium, one little white one and one that looks like a snail 🐌 (well that’s what Herbie thought anyways) coming to a grand total of Β£10 … which I thought was very reasonable (especially as I do use the pumpkin for soup and cakes, So it’s nice to get a proper farm fresh one)


2EA5B072-8C92-442B-84E4-09E8899B30DBthey had a little gift shop, I bought some little pumpkin tea lights two for Β£2 (another bargain).


Herbie and Duncan ate pumpkin ice cream and Herb even got to bounce on a pumpkin bouncy castle, the tractor ride is really sweet as well ❀️ And cost £1 each (again reasonable)


I think it’s worth the trip for the photos alone πŸ˜‚ but it really is a fun little day out !

And Herbie even took a picture of his mummy and daddy ❀️ A little budding photographer


Stay tuned to see what we do with our pumpkins πŸŽƒ


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