My house is where my stuff is .

I’m a horder, it seems I have married a fellow horder and I’m pretty damn sure we have produced a mini horder 😂😂 The Oakley’s need help .


Moving house has been so much harder than expected due to the sheer volume of stuff collected over the years, I mean we ain’t struggling to let go of news papers or about to be crushed by a wall of books, but with my love of retro decor, my husband Dunks eleven guitars combined with our boys massive train, car and random plastic fantastic toy collection we are really looking to start controlling our habits.  Determined to live a simpler life I am setting a new rule for a new less cluttered and more styled living space, if it looks good or we use it daily it can stay but those dusty old tea cups, one time played banjo and that creepy sing along plane has to go.

All that aside I’m very happy with our new family home and the little bits I am keeping are looking really great, the 70s vibe is strong so I thought I would share some with you.  A279F53D-0867-4688-8644-B13C762577CB.jpeg

My little vintage watering can is properly my favourite item, this was my husbands Nannies and his Grandad fixed it which means it’s probably  going to out live us all 😂👍 it’s very very strong now.


263AE411-2DE8-45AA-B690-0DCBE6C7AD86I wish I had collected all of these Orla Kiely jars now, Think I am missing the green one, but they are handy and look really seventies, I may have a little stroll on eBay to see if I can complete the set.


So in love with this H&M home plant pot, the bright pink flowers against the black paint I think look incredible and it was only £8.99.

EFA1B2D3-C1F8-4BB6-841C-A85902810182I think plants are so inportant in the home this is our little plant money Penny (a money plant) she was given to us as a little tiny off cut and has turned into a bit of a beast, I mainly always go for the plants that need less water because I’m rubbish at watering them 🙈 I’m desperate for a cheese plant but I’m not sure I will remember to give it all the care it needs 😩


Our bargain rug from IKEA is worth a mention, as it was in the sale from £250 to £70, then at the checkout it came out at £35 ! Buzzing! It’s really amazing and looks great with our two sofas.

F873D6F9-D67A-49AB-A56C-CF7CDC477E58This print was made by my husband at art collage and because our son Herbie’s favourite, it looks ace in our new lounge, adoring the bright pink and green.

6D9B7ED9-F5D4-4AB1-98AE-097E4B985711These Russian dolls were a wedding present and still look like us 😂😂 such a wonderful gift idea  they always make me smile.


My cactus in a tin ( I have two of them now) this one is the limited addition Andy Warhol Campbell’s soup can that I bought a few years ago and decided  it would home my new cactus Edie it looks great in the window, and my big cactus cacky pants is about to flower 🌵💗 it grows the most beautiful pink flower once a year, so special.


Last of all (for this post anyways) is our new/vintage 70s bench and table, can’t get enough of the print on the seating but sadly we will haven’t to recover it as it’s a bit worn and dirty, I’m thinking of a yellow or mustard print to replace it with, it’s an old 70s flat pack table and bench so brilliant, saves so much space.



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