Little Rainbow Cactus 🌵🌈 An introduction.


Hello this is Little Rainbow Cactus, a little blog about health, fitness, dairy free diet tips, vintage clothes and motherhood’s ups and downs.


I am Oli Oakley I’m 29 and have been a massive Instagram addict since my son was born 3 and a half years ago. This blog is just a continuation of my Instagram accounts @oli_oakley and @little.rainbow.cactus, just with a bit more detail.

6D9B7ED9-F5D4-4AB1-98AE-097E4B985711This week my little family of three moved villages into a cute little house a little deeper into Nottingham, it’s all been a bit daunting but as it’s a fresh start I thought a new blog would be a great idea 💡, hopefully you will enjoy my ramblings and get something out of it even if it’s its a little smirk at my bad spelling or a giggle at my bad taste in quirky furniture I find on selling sites 😂🤞x LRC


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